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Lynelle & Derek & Bethany

Hi, My name is Lynelle. I am now 13 years old. My brother, Derek, is 11 years old and my younger sister, Bethany, is now 6. Click here to see us a few years back when we started this web page. Click here for other photos.

When we started this site, my brother and I were in elementary school. I was in 2nd grade, my brother was in Kindergarten. Now we are both in middle school, and we have a 6 year old sister who thinks she is in college. Here is a 1998 picture of us with our family.

My brother and I like to Swim. We are very good swimmers

My brother and I also like to draw

... And we like to play on the computer

Check This Out--A Brand New Baby Sister!

Derek Self Portrait
Derek Drawings
Lynelle Cat
Lynelle Drawings
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween by Derek
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Cousin Noah

Hanson Cousins


Cousin Adam

Great Uncle Ray

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