Camping [14] Camping on 4th of July, July 2000
  On the Piano [13] On the Piano, July 2000
  FL Gulf Side [12] Florida Trip, Gulf Side, April 2000
  Jim and Elanas Beach [11] Florida Trip, Jim and Elana's Beach, April 2000
  FL Trip Beach Fun [10] Florida Trip Beach Fun, April 2000
  San Diego Trip [9] San Diego Trip, Mar. 2000
  Nothing but Bethany [8] Nothing But Bethany, Feb. 2000
  Lynelle Climbs [7] Lynelle Climbs on Trees and Bike, Feb. 2000
  Playground [6] At the Playground, Feb. 2000
  School Photos [5] School and Soccer Pictures, Dec. 1999
  Leaves and Christmas [4] Lynelle, Derek, Bethany, Leaves, Christmas, Dec. 1999
  Lynelle And Solange
[3] Lynelle and her Mom, Sept. 1999
  Oceans of Fun [2] Lynelle, Oceans of Fun With Cousins, Sept. 1999
  Derek Lynelle Ashley [1] Derek Playing Soccer, Lynelle and Ashley, Oct. 1999